Trail Maps


This first map of the "Sibley Survey" (pictured below) was prepared by Joseph C. Brown in November 1825 after the Sibley Expedition arrived in Taos. Distances west of the 100th Meridian were estimated and were corrected on the return trip in 1826. Digital image from the Library of Congress courtesy of Steve Schmidt. Notes about the map courtesy of Jim Ryan.


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This map was created in 1963 as part of the National Survey of Historic Sites and Buildings
The Santa Fe Trail, by William E. Brown.

trail-map placemat


The watercolor featuring this Santa Fe Trail map was created by Doug Holdred. It was 1 of 13 paintings he created in 1996 for a commemorative calendar honoring the 175th Anniversary of the Santa Fe Trail, and funded by the First National Bank of Trinidad, CO. The paintings were donated to the Santa Fe Trail Association.