Cimarron Cutoff Chapter -Points of Interest

"There was the desert mirage, a will-o'-the wisp that beckoned and taunted. Sometimes it would look
like a party of mounted Indians, and the women would cry and begin counting their children."
— Marion Russell, on the Cimarron Cutoff, 1852


Points of Interest

A few of the many sites of interest along the Santa Fe Trail within the chapter area.

Recent Chapter Activities

Cimarron Cutoff Chapter of the Santa Fe Trail hosted a program on Saturday, August 19, 2023 at the Morton County Museum, Elkhart, KS. A meal will be served at noon (you may pay at the door), followed by a program, "French Explorers in Oklahoma and New Mexico" given by retired Professor Richard Rouillard of Oklahoma City Community College. A short business meeting followed the presentation.


Anyone interested in the Santa Fe Trail is welcome to join. To download the membership form, click here.