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"Having neglected to carry water with us, we were compelled to do without it for two days and
nights after leaving the Arkansas river, and when we did come to a cool, sparkling stream,
both animals and men were almost to the point of perishing..."
— Milton E. Bryan, on the Jornada, 1828



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Point of Rocks, Finney County. Landmark along the Santa Fe Trail SE of Garden City, KS. There were numerous locations along the Santa Fe Trail know as "Point of Rocks". This landmark is not to be confused with the other locations known as "Point of Rocks". The other locations are located in Ford County, & Morton County, Kansas, as well as in NE New Mexico. View to the West.


The site was first “officially” recognized by the Daughters of the American Revolution in 1906 when a marker was established. In 1961, Wagon Bed Spring was designated as a National Historic Landmark by the National Park Service. Later, the Wagon Bed Spring Chapter of the Santa Fe Trail Association established a display near what is thought to have been the original Lower Springs location.

Wagon Bed Spring is located on the north bank of the Cimarron River, about 11 ½ miles south of Ulysses, Kansas. The springs are about ½ mile west of U.S. Highway 25. In this vicinity also stood the old townsite of Zionville.

Points of Interest

A few of the many sites of interest along the Santa Fe Trail within the chapter area.
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Klien Ruts, Grant County, Multiple sets of trail depression are located in the center of photo. View NW Higgs Ruts, Grant County. The trail segment is shown in the lower Rt. corner of image, and travels towards the farm residence. This portion of the trail was the "Upper Crossing" from the Arkansas River to the Lower Cimarron Springs. View SW Ft Aubry dugout depressions show in the lower right quarter of photo. The depression are the dark images just off of the bank of Spring Creek.
Ft. Aubry, Hamilton County. The fort was situated along both sides of Spring Creek. This fort consisted of numerous dugouts that were covered with individual tents for the enlisted men. View NNE Cimarron Route "Zieler Crossing" trail ruts. Stevens County view Southwest.     


Upper Crossing "Bear Creek Pass" Trail Ruts. View looking South Upper Crossing "Bear Creek Pass" Trail Ruts. View looking North Trail ruts in upper right side of photo