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"The storm burst, and the o’er charged sky poured fourth its torrent over the grassy plains.
The wind increased to a hurricane and drove the falling rain almost horizontally before it."
— Matt Field, near Cheyenne Bottoms, 1839


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History of the Quivira Chapter

The Quivira Chapter of the Santa Fe Trail Association covers approximately 90 miles of the portion of the Santa Fe Trail that traveled through McPherson, Rice, and Barton counties in Kansas. The chapter was organized in 1992. The name Quivira was adopted from the Quivira Indians, one of the Native American tribes to inhabit the central plains. The Quivira Chapter marks the beginning of the short-grass prairie and the area of the Buffalo.

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Location and Directions

The Santa Fe Trail enters the Quivira Chapter at the McPherson/Marion County line. The major cities within the Quivira Chapter are McPherson, Lyons, and Great Bend. U.S. Highway 56 closely follows the Trail east to west through the chapter area. You can reach U.S. Highway 56 from Interstate 70 by traveling south from Salina on I-35 to exit 60 at McPherson. From Wichita, go north on I-35 to the same exit.

Points of Interest

A few of the many sites of interest along the Santa Fe Trail within the chapter area.
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An Auto Tour of the Trail

Download a brochure with maps to follow the Santa Fe Trail through the Quivira Chapter.

The Quivira Chapter is working on the completion of the Quivira Auto Tour project to mark the Trail through the chapter.

Goals of the Quivira Chapter

The goals of the Quivira Chapter are to preserve and protect the Santa Fe Trail and to educate people about the Trail and its history.  The Chapter hopes to increase landowner involvement in chapter activities, and to increase overall membership.  We encourage all people, especially landowners, to become involved in chapter activities.