Dodge City/Ft. Dodge/Cimarron Chapter


"After leaving Pawnee Rock, the fear of the Indians was with us day and night...
and when we reached Fort Mackey on the Arkansas River, we breathed a sigh of relief."
— Marian Russell, near what would become Fort Dodge, 1852


Membership in the Dodge City/Fort Dodge/Cimarron Chapter is $10 for an individual and $15 for a family.  You are encouraged to also join the National Santa Fe Trail Association.  To download the membership form, click here.

History of the Dodge City/Fort Dodge/Cimarron Chapter

The first organizational meeting of the future Dodge City/Fort Dodge Chapter was held on December 14, 1990. At that meeting, it was determined that there was enough interest to generate a local chapter of the Santa Fe Trail Association. The chapter was designated by Santa Fe Trail Assocation in September of 1991.

The Dodge City/Fort Dodge chapter set about developing interesting and educational programs and tours to help local people understand and learn about the significance of the Santa Fe Trail. The Dodge City/Fort Dodge chapter has worked cooperatively with the Wet/Dry Routes chapter in marking significant locations along the Santa Fe Trail in this area. Members also have worked to locate and map the Santa Fe Trail where it passed through Ford County and into Gray County. At a later date, 1999, the name of our Chapter was changed as we expanded our area of coverage to include Gray County. A great amount of research has been done and recorded regarding the Santa Fe Trail and this area.

Location and Directions

The general area of concentration for the Dodge City/Fort Dodge/Cimarron chapter includes the area from the Black Pool through the various crossings of the Arkansas River of the Cimarron Crossing, in the Kansas counties of Ford and Gray counties. The Trail locations in this area are easily accessed along U. S. Highway 400 (Hwy 154) from Ford, Kansas to Fort Dodge and then west along Hwy 400 (Hwy 50) from Dodge City to Cimarron and west. Other highways, U. S. 283 and U. S. 56, will also provide access to the significant area Trail locations. Other interesting facets of the Trail in this area include the Fort Hays road from Fort Dodge to Fort Hays and the Fort Supply road from Fort Dodge to Fort Supply in Indian Territory, that were used as supply routes between the Frontier Forts.

Points of Interest


A few of the many sites of interest along the Santa Fe Trail within the chapter area.
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