Bullwhacker Edition

Bullwhacker Edition for ages 12-14

(Shown at right, cover of Junior Wagon Master Bullwhacker Edition booklet.)
NOTE: These are large files – please be patient for download.

Bullwhacker –Front Cover, 1.7 MB, PDF

Bullwhacker – Eastern Section, 3.5 MB, PDF
(Covers from Franklin, MO to Gardner, KS)

Bullwhacker – Central Section, 2.4 MB, PDF
(Covers from Council Grove, KS to Dodge City, KS)

Bullwhacker – Mountain & Cimarron Routes, 3.3 MB, PDF
(Covers from Cimarron, KS to Watrous, NM on the Mountain Route. Covers from Elkhart, KS to Las Vegas, NM on the Cimarron Route.)

Bullwhacker – Western Section, 2 MB, PDF
(Covers from Pecos, NM to Santa Fe, NM)

Bullwhacker – Full, 7.62 MB, PDF

Are you ready for the adventure?