Bent’s Fort Chapter -Points of Interest

"Within a days’ travel or so of Bent’s Fort…we arrived at the promised land known to traders as
‘Big Timber’ for rest and refreshment. A thick forest of venerable trees sheltered us from the heat,
and beneath them wandered a stream cool with the mountain snow."
— Matt Field at Big Timber on the Arkansas River, 1839

Points of Interest:

A few of the many sites of interest along the Santa Fe Trail within the Cimarron Cutoff Chapter Area.

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Bent's Old Fort National Historic Site in Colorado was a hub of cultural exchange in the 1800s. Located along the Santa Fe Trail, this fort served as a meeting place for Native Americans, settlers, and traders from all over the world. Experience a piece of history and immerse yourself in the diverse cultures that shaped the Wild West in Taste of History Episode 7 of Season 12!

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