The Santa Fe Trail extends for nearly 1,200 miles across five different states.  Because of this, it’s route is divided into segments, each represented by individual Chapters.  In many ways, these Chapters are the heart and soul of the Association.  Most Chapter members live in close proximity to the Trail and their local knowledge of the area is a critical component in preservation projects and locating, mapping and marking remnants of the Trail’s path across the modern landscape.  The Chapters also offer field trips, social events, trail-related projects and the fellowship of kindred spirits.  It is not uncommon to have 50 or more at events sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm for the Trail.

All members of the Santa Fe Trail Association are encouraged to join one or more chapters! Even members who do not live close to the Trail will find that belonging to a Chapter will give them knowledge of local concerns, tours, mapping, marking, and preservation projects.  Chapter newsletters and Facebook pages are two of the ways this news is shared.

The Chapters of the SFTA have a long history of performing valuable projects, both for the communities they cover and for the Santa Fe National Historic Trail.  In addition, they bring people together for some very informative programs.  To learn more about a chapter's projects, programs and meetings you can check out the “CAMP TALES—Chapter Reports” column in each issue of Wagon Tracks.