Challenge Cost Share Projects

The Challenge Cost Share is a program for funding joint projects that further the goals of the Santa Fe National Historic Trail. Projects vary widely and primarily are for preservation and interpretation/education projects along the Trail. Funding of up to 50 percent of the project is available. For more information, visit:

Projects Administered through SFTA

Wagon Master Program: This program is being created through the SFTA education committee, with Marcia Fox and Chris Day serving as co-chairs of that committee.

Brief Description: To develop four, age-appropriate educational activity booklets to be distributed at sites throughout the length of the SFT. The booklets are designed to promote preservation of the Trail by encouraging families to become more knowledgeable about the Trail and to actively study the Trail's historic sites. Participants who complete a specific number of activities will be rewarded with a Wagon Master badge, appropriate to the level achieved.

Bent's New Fort Interpretation 

Agreement effective: Aug. 2010 -- July 31, 201

Brief description: To install 5 interpretive markers at the site of Bent's New Fort.


Joy Poole's Transcription Project Agreement effective: June, 2010 – Dec. 31, 2011

Brief Description: To accurately transcribe, annotate and index texts of these four extant, primary source trails documents


Dodge City Rut Site Kiosk

Agreement effective: Oct. 1, 2009 to June 1, 2011

Brief Description: To design and fabricate three new interpretive panels and replacement of the 2 extant panels on the exhibits located at the Dodge City Ruts National Historic Landmark, west of Dodge City, Kansas.

Boot Hill Dodge City Rut Site Refurbishment
Agreement effective: Oct. 1, 2009--May 31, 2011

Brief Description: To repair and refurbish a footbridge; to replace the wood boards on the entrance sign to the site; to weatherize (seal) a wood kiosk at the site, and to make minor repairs to the fence at the site entrance. All work will be done at the Santa Fe Trail Rut site, National Historic Landmark, located west of Dodge City, KS.


Kansas DAR Marker Refurbish Agreement effective: Oct. 1, 2009 to April 30, 2010

Brief Description: To document, conserve, and preserve the 89 granite markers placed in 1906 by the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) in Kansas.

State Historic Preservation Office Meeting @ Dodge City Date held: Aug. 26-27, 2009

Brief Description: To host a meeting with SHPO (State Historic Preservation Office) representative from the states through which the Santa Fe National Historic Trail crosses. Also attending will be rep. from National Registry office in Wash. D.C., rep. from SFTA and NPS. The reason for this meeting is to develop a general consensus as to how National Historic Trail segments will be regarded from nomination to the National Register.

Tribal Listening Session #1 and #2 Held Aug. 5-6, 2009 and 2010 in Oklahoma City

Brief Description: To bring together Native American Tribes whose homeland was impacted along the SFNHT and try to achieve their involvement with various aspects of the SFNHT. This session will relate to the Tribes the role of the National Trails System and the SFNHT; the history and role of the SFTA; to gain their input on how the Tribes can be involved with the SFNHT; and to explain funding options through CCS and Cooperative Agreements.

20th Anniversary Issue of Wagon Agreement effective: May 1, 2006 to Aug. 20, 2006

Brief Description: To prepare a special addition of the SFTA quarterly, Wagon Tracks, featuring the origins, developments, and accomplishments of the SFTA (Founded 1986) and the SFNHT (Designated 1987).

SFT Education Day Camps for children
Agreement effective: Aug. 1, 2006 to Sept. 19, 2007

Brief Description: To host four one-day camps for children ages 10-12. These day camps will be conducted in cooperation with museums and historical sites. Proposed sites and dates are: Hillsboro, KS, May 26, 2007; Fort Larned, KS, May 28, 2007; Elkhart, KS, June 7, 2007; and Trinidad, CO, Sept. 29, 2007.


2006 SFT Rediscovery Expedition Survey done August—November, 2006

Brief Description: To survey sites along the Santa Fe National Historic Trail. This was done by traveling the trail and performing a survey and inventory. The survey team visited as many sites as possible; taking notes on site conditions, level of interpretation, potential threats to resources, management issues, etc; photographs and general GPS coordinates were taken. Recommendations were made by the team for sites that need additional site development and interpretation, sites with resource management and protection needs, and sites that should not be developed. Primary team members included: NPS staff, John Conoboy and Andrea Sharon; SFTA Members and Trail experts: Ross Marshall and Craig Crease; and SFTA Association Manager, Clive Siegle. Additional help was obtained from Chapter members and local experts along the Trail.

SFTA Retreat/Workshop

Held Sept. 2007, Trinidad, CO Brief Description: To bring the Officers, Chapter Presidents and staff of the SFTA together with the NPS to review the status of the organization. This session will build on the Strategic Plan developed jointly by SFTA and the NPS and will explore ways to build on the capacity of the association and make it function more effectively.


SFTA Website Upgrade—2005/2006

Brief Description: To enhance the design and expand the content of the SFTA web site.

Quivira Chap. Auto Tour Marking Project June, 2005 to September, 2005

Brief Description: This project will result in the marking of the SFT in McPherson, Rice and Barton Counties in Kansas and to develop and auto tour brochure to accompany the marking.


Gardner Junction Trail Development (Kiosk) 10-24-2004 to 7-1-2006 (Extended to 2009)

Brief Description: This project included a broad coalition of partners which included: SFTA, OCTA, KDOT, KSHS, City of Gardner, Gardner Hist. Soc. & Museum, Johnson Co. Museum, KC Area Historic Trails Association, and the NPS. Proj. Mgr. was John Atkinson

Brief Description: This wayside exhibit was the first of several sites along the SFNHT that will: 1.) Provide an orientation to the historic National Trails, 2.) Interpret local Trail history and 3.) Inform the visitor of significant Trail sites to the east and to the west of the particular location.

Amelia White Park Interpretive Exhibits Aug.1, 2005 to Jan. 30, 2010

Brief Description: This interpretive exhibit will provide a site to further interpret the history of the SFT for local residents and visitors.

Santa Fe Trail Teacher Workshops

Brief Description: To conduct a series of teacher workshops, held at various locations along the length of the Santa Fe Trail. These workshops will focus on teaching topics related to the Santa Fe Trail and fulfilling the requirements of the State Departments of Education requirements. Training was given in mapping and using GPS technology.

Cottonwood Crossing Accessiblilty Upgrade

Brief Description: To make improvements at the Cottonwood Crossing Interpretive Site of the Santa Fe Trail for better accessibility.