Santa Fe Trail Association Symposium 2023

Symposium 2023 Theme Announced
The Santa Fe Trail Association is pleased to present Symposium 2023:
“Art and the Trail: How Artists Recorded the History and Culture of an Era.” Hosted by the Missouri River Outfitters Chapter, the event is being planned for September 27-30, 2023 in Independence, MO.

This is a Symposium you will want to attend, and the Missouri River Outfitters Chapter will be your gracious hosts! The artwork featured is one of twelve murals painted by Edward Holslag that are located at the Savoy at 21c Restaurant and Bar, 219 W 9th St, Kansas City, MO. In 1903, Edward Holslag painted 12 murals around the wall of the Savoy Grill illustrating the pioneer’s hazardous trek along the Santa Fe Trail from Westport Landing to Santa Fe, NM. The Savoy, a 125-seat restaurant and bar preserved the murals painted in 1903 by Edward Holslag, which are catalogued in the Smithsonian Institution’s “Bicentennial Inventory of American Paintings.