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Marker Placement Release

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The undersigned property owner (“Owner”) grants permission to the Santa Fe Trail Association (SFTA), its authorized members, and agents to place marker(s) and/or markers with related structures along the alignment of the Santa Fe National Historic Trail at the locations described below: 


Owner understands and agrees that, once placed, the physical marker/marker structure becomes the owner’s property, but any signs or labels on the aforesaid remain the property of the SFTA. Markers with signs or labels with the National Park Service (“NPS”) historic trails logo(s) remain the intellectual property of the NPS and cannot be removed, altered, modified or relocated without NPS approval.


Owner understands and agrees that the intent of the marker is to document and mark, to the highest degree of accuracy possible, the actual historical alignment of the Santa Fe Trail. Owner will first consult with the NPS and/or the SFTA before relocating any marker.


Owner gives permission for the SFTA and/or NPS to enter upon the property for the purpose of replacing or maintaining the marker signs.


Owner agrees to do everything reasonably feasible to maintain the original marker location(s) and to maintain undisturbed historic remnants or evidence of trail-sites and/or trail segments, if any, still exist on the owner’s property.




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Our Mission
The mission of the Santa Fe Trail Association is to protect and preserve the Santa Fe Trail and to promote awareness of the historical legacy associated with it.  The Santa Fe Trail Association’s purposes are exclusively charitable and educational within the meaning of Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.